Seoul is the Capital of South Korea and it is a huge metropolitan city home to over a million South Koreans. The sprawling city is the perfect example of Modern meeting Heritage. The city adorned by shiny skyscrapers and traditional Hanoks is not just marvelous to look at but has enough and more things to entertain and keep tourists enamored by the city. Therefore if you wish to make the most of a trip to this city, then make sure to read the tips below. 

Enjoy the cuisine 

South Korea is famous for its cuisine so make sure you try out the variety of food that is available. You would probably find most if not all their food delicious. Korean Barbecue, Spicy Tteokbokki and Jajangmyeon are dishes you must try while you are in the city. Moreover many restaurants in incheon, Seoul and nearly everywhere else in Korea also serve many side dishes in addition to the main course which can be refilled. Another thing which is very important is that you should have an open mind and be willing to try food that you normally might not have. Raw fish which may sound unappetizing when done well can be absolutely delicious.  

Remember that hotels in the city tend to be more expensive 

Regarding a place to stay, while there are of course hotels that can provide you with facilities fit for a Royal or an A-list celebrity,  If you feel these are quite a bit over your budget, you can find other hotels which would offer comfortable beds, gorgeous views and even rain showers at a much more affordable price.  However finding a hotel for a limited budget would be difficult in Seoul as the cost of even a superior room could be more expensive. However there are many lovely hotels in songdo and Incheon which offer a wide range of facilities the modern traveler can use and they would not cost you much. Furthermore because of extensive subway networks that connect districts in Seoul to other areas, if you wish to take a trip to Gangnam from Incheon you can do so within a short period of time. 

Make time for Nature and the traditional 

You might think that as Seoul is such a well-developed city, it would lack green areas but you cannot be more wrong. Seoul is home to expansive parks that are utterly gorgeous. Haneul Park located in the World Cup Park is very popular among both locals and tourists for its beauty and the unique views of Seoul it offers which changes based on where you are in the Park. Furthermore the Bukchon Hanok Village is also worth a visit. With its many alleys and traditional Hanok houses, the city is preserved to show the urban landscape and environment from 600 years ago.  

Therefore if you are planning to travel to Seoul, just take note of the tips above and you can make the most of your trip to Seoul

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