Indonesia has rapidly gained popularity as a tourist destination, and more importantly, as a honeymoon spot for couples looking for a romantic getaway. The country is basically an aggregation of thousands of islands, meaning there is no shortage of places to visit in this vast country. There are more beaches and forests than you can ever visit in your lifetime, and the bubbling tourist industry has led to the establishment of plenty of luxurious resorts for you to enjoy. Here are some of the most beautiful honeymoon spots in Indonesia: 

Bali – whether you stay at the Jimbaran hotels on the beach of this island or more inland, Bali is definitely the most well-known honeymoon spot in all of Indonesia (and it is also pricier as a result!). As the tourist capital of the country, you can find just about anything: from its beautiful beaches to the safaris in its jungles, there is just about any kind of activity for the nature lovers and lovers of water activities. View more here

Ora Beach – the luxury honeymoon resorts in Bali are not the only ones to offer pristine beaches and water activities! Ora Beach is yet another famous honeymoon spot in Indonesia, it comes with unpolluted fair beaches and crystal clear waters. The pristine environment makes this location the perfect spot to try snorkelling and other underwater activities such as diving. The beach is also not the only spot to visit here – there is a lush forest right behind that you can trek to your heart’s content. 

Banyuwangi – if you are expecting to see one of the many volcanoes in Indonesia, then head right away to Banyuwangi, home to the Ijen volcano.  This specific volcano offers yellow sulphurous rocks and blue flames at its majestic crater. That said, there is more than the volcano to see here: there are beaches that offer snorkelling activities, as well as a national park with a wide variety of beautiful flora and fauna. 

Lake Toba – yet another scenic volcanic landscape that works as a perfect honeymoon location is Lake Toba. This beautiful lake is in fact a volcanic lake – or the remains of a crater filled up with water over time to form a beautiful lake. The beautiful river valley and the lush landscapes alongside allow for plenty of activities not limited to trekking and walks, but also including canoeing and skiing during the right seasons. 

Komodo – this island offers yet another spectacle of natural beauty that Indonesia offers. The blue waters of this island offer plenty of opportunities for snorkelling and to see its beautiful corals. Its national parks also offer the eponymous animal, the Komodo dragon. 

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