The Asia continent is one of the largest continents in the world and proudly boasts the ownership of many countries with different cultures and heritages. This has given it the lead as a number one continent for many to visit on an annual basis. The variety is so much that it cannot be found in any other continent in the world. 

South East Asia is a region full of vastly developing countries including Malaysia, Singapore and India etc. Although these countries maybe known as the giants of Asia, we should not forget the many other countries which have their own cultures in this region. Laos is an amazing country located in South East Asia and boasts a profound tourism industry. If you are in the country and is looking for a place to stay it is easy to find a boutique hotel for an affordable rate. 

The country has many kind of places where people could spend the night and also go visit various sites which are located close by to where they stay. It is a feature of this country and is something much adored by visitors who come on an annual basis. 

Due to it Buddhist culture the country as a whole, especially in Luang Prabang area, there are many cultural feasts and the like to which tourists like to go and have a look at. This experience is like no other and it is for one of these reasons that people gather in this part of the globe at particular times of the year. Luang Prabang Laos hotels are quite towards the affordable side and is great to know for people who come here for visits. It is not a place where you have to come and empty your wallet. You can enjoy your time without worrying about such things and it is this experience which would count at the end of it all. All that matters is that you have a great vacation and take back some good memories to cherish. 

The country does allow people to visit almost any heritage site according to the customs and rules abided by the law and policies. This has no restrictions as such for those who want to actually look in to the history and culture of the region. So you can definitely have the time of your life even in a country as such and it is not necessarily required that you go to Central Europe or a Scandinavian country to have a dream vacation time. So make it part if your travel diaries and give it a try.  

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